You Should Know The Benefits of Yoga on Children

Nowadays children lead a very stressful life. They go to school, do extracurricular activities, do their homework, take part in various activities, etc. They play, but those are not spontaneous games, they play games in a restricted atmosphere like learning cricket, football, or tennis in an academy. Children remain busy and remain in a hurry throughout the day. This lifestyle affects the children’s both physical and mental growth. Practicing yoga is important for kids as yoga helps to flush out stress and tension and make children able to counter any type of situation in life. Yoga teaches how to stay calm even in a reverse situation. Specialists say that yoga is one of the best child care methods which encourage self-esteem, enhances body awareness, improves attention, foster cooperation and compassion, boost immunity, and many others.

Practicing yoga in Duarte, CA Montessori proves that it is more than a game. It improves both the physical and mental health of children from childhood and makes them a better person in the future. According to child care experts, there are so many benefits of practicing yoga regularly.

Benefits of yoga for children :

Improves memory and attention

It has been shown that yoga and meditation help to improve memory, develop cognitive function and enhance attention. Children who practice Yoga from the very childhood enjoy the good effect of it. They can focus on their studies better than those children who do not practice it. For example, Yoga like balancing posture requires deep concentration. Children who do it daily grow a habit of paying attention to anything they do. So practicing yoga means practicing the focusing ability of the mind and brain.

Yoga helps to socialize children

In a yoga class, all children in a joyful positive atmosphere take part in yoga and yoga-related fun activities, games, songs, etc. Children get a chance to exchange their views and thought with one another. They automatically learn virtues like cooperation, compassion, fellow feeling, etc. from attending the class daily. Moreover, when children practice yoga in the Montessori, they get a chance to share a good time and exchange wisdom.

Enhances physical flexibility

When children practice yoga, they have to use muscles in a new way. Practicing various types of yoga means using various types of muscle in a new form and all these practices ultimately enhance the flexibility of the body.

Enhances immunity

Yoga helps to keep children fit and fine. It can recharge the body, removes toxins, and keeps your organs functioning well. Yoga, like ‘pranayam’, effectively boosts immunity, removes stress hormones, smoothens heart rate, and instills vigor & positive energy in children. In this pandemic situation, when children are away from their school and confined at their home; yoga plays a vital role in boosting their immunity naturally. Moreover, children don't need to go outside and practice yoga right from their home.

Montessori experts suggest parents may encourage their children to do certain types of yoga for at least 10 minutes before going to bed. Yoga is terrific to release stress and tension, soothes nerves, promotes relaxation and children automatically fall into a deep sleep.