Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) are essential learning areas that help create a well-rounded and dynamic education. Arcadia Preschool - Montessori Academy embraces S.T.E.A.M. in our approach to provide the children with a hands-on experience to expand their creativity and ingenuity and develop their problem-solving and communication skills.

S.T.E.A.M. programS.T.E.A.M. program


is just more than bubbles and magnifying glasses, it is a part of our daily life! Our fun science activities and experiments will allow children to explore, experiment, question, discover and understand natural and human made objects and forces.


is all around us and progressing rapidly. It is not only cell phones, tablets, computers, etc., but simple technology tools such as pulleys, wheels, ramps, crayons, rulers, and much more. Children will experiment, learn and understand that simple technology tools help us accomplish big tasks.


is all about finding how things are built and why. Children have fun designing and creating straw bridges, structures out of cups, sticks, and blocks to test balance - among many other objects - while discovering how the things in their world are built and how they work.


are fun for all children as a way of expressing their understanding of the world. Diving into fingerpainting or acting in a play helps children learn to explore their expressive sides and enable them to expand their creative thinking skills.


is everywhere! Children are natural mathematicians actively making sense of the world around them. Children will learn math skills such as counting, sequencing, matching, sorting, classifying, etc., by exploring and experimenting with hands-on, manipulative materials, math games, and similar activities.

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