World Adoption Day: Ideas to celebrate with kids

On the occasion of World Adoption Day, November 9, we need to share something about adoption and teach our kids about it. People celebrate and raise awareness of adoption every year, as well as the amazing journey that birth families, adoptive families, and adopted children go through daily. In this post, we are going to reveal ideas for celebrating this day with kids.

Let's read it out:

Celebrating the essence of families

It is love, not biology that gives rise to families. Adopting this philosophy can assist in dispelling certain myths regarding the purported drawbacks of adoption. When someone is accepted by a family out of genuine love and respect, it is full. It facilitates the formation of stable, happy families. This philosophy may also inspire other families to adopt children to complete and enrich their households.

Become an ambassador or volunteer to establish connections with events and organizations

You can participate in your community to further raise awareness about adoption. Also, involve your kids in these kinds of activities for their better involvement and to feel connected with these types of work. Kids are good learners; if you teach them well, they will grab it soon.

Promote empathy and understanding towards adoption

Children are very sensitive, and they always take this kind of thing emotionally. Thus, you may have discussions on various family arrangements, assign students to view adoption-related literature or movies, or even invite guest speakers to share their own stories. Any preschool may plan a little celebration for their students. In addition, planning craft sessions or art projects where children produce artwork with themes of acceptance, love, and family can be a great approach to helping them express their emotions and recognize the beauty of adoption.

Organize a special event

It can be a great idea to involve kids in this kind of activity. Additionally, consider organizing a get-together for adoptive families and inviting them to speak at your event so they can share their experiences. This fosters a network of support and gives kids a firsthand look at the various ways families are put together.


Encouraging knowledge, empathy, and respect for the distinct paths of adopted children and their families should be the main goals of World Adoption Day celebrations with children. We can contribute to the development of a more inclusive society where all children feel supported and loved by having meaningful talks and activities. At our preschool in Sierra Madre, CA, we are focused on these kinds of activities to keep our kids aware.