Why You Should Encourage Children To Cook With You?

In the eyes of your children, kitchen is the most fascinating part of the house. Reason being: there is so much happening in that area. Vegetables are being brought in, they are cut, spices are applied and cooked. All the right ingredients are arousing the interest of the little ones. As a reputed Preschool Sierra Madre, CA we always advise the parents to allow children into the kitchen and let them help in cooking. There are many reasons for this, some of them being:

  • It helps you spend some quality time : While you cook your child feels lonely. As a result, you have to finish cooking quickly and turn back to him/her. You feel guilty of not spending enough quality time with the child. By asking assistance from the kid in your cooking, you manage both the ends. While you can concentrate on your cooking, you can also have enough communication with him/her. This can be mutually beneficial and rewarding experience.
  • Forms a sense of duty : By designating the little one with some simple duties, such as filling up water, garnishing the salad and likewise, you make him/her a part of the cooking process. The child enjoys this sense of importance and starts taking an interest in his/her time in the kitchen. In due course, the child forms a sense of responsibility. It knows that certain tasks have been designated and should be performed every day. This helps in developing an essential trait in the character of your child - responsibility.
  • Educationally enriching : Spending time in the kitchen is not a waste of time. It has various educational highlights. While assisting you, the child picks up some practical lessons. The child gains knowledge about different vegetables and fruits, spices, etc. He/she also forms an understanding of different colors, aroma and taste. If you work a bit more, time in the kitchen can be utilized to impart mathematical lessons as well. Ask the child to put 3 scoops of sugar in coffee, 3 spoons of salt in some recipe – these will form mathematical exercises.
  • Makes them self-reliant : Early exposure to cooking helps the child become self-reliant. Cooking is also an important life skill and one that might be needed later on in the life when the child grows into an adult and may be has to live independently in another city or state.

However, it is also important to stay patient. Children are bound to make mistakes and create a mess around the kitchen. Many of our practical based sessions at Preschool Sierra Madre, CA leave a lot of mess at the end of it. But that is a way for the kids to learn and you should encourage them. Our expertise in running a successful preschool Sierra Madre, CA has made us believe that children learn the most essential lessons when they spend enough time with their parents.