Why Omega-3 Fatty Acid Is Necessary For Children

In recent years omega-3 fatty acids have become something of a nutrition star for children. Reasons are there. This is an essential fatty that helps feed the brain and keep it healthy. Omega- 3 fatty acids help a lot in the process of building new cells especially in the central nervous and cardiovascular system helping the body to absorb the nutrients. It is also important for eye function.

Research on children shows that omega – 3 fats help manage psychological and behavioral conditions because of their role in neurotransmitter function. Regular intake of fish helps children to keep far away from depression. It also helps to fight child obesity. For these reasons omega-3 fatty acids should be a crucial component of a healthy diet thinks most of the daycare experts in the Sierra Madre, CA it play a key role in the overall development of the children.

However, parents are sometimes doubtful about the regular intake of omega-3 fatty acids of their children. they sometimes times ask the nutritious how many days in a week children should get omega-3 fatty acids, which food contains omega-3 and which is the ideal dose for the children. A child nutritionist in a daycare school in Sierra Madre, CA has given the answer.

Source of the omega-3 fatty acids :

Most of the sea fish like mackerel, sardines, salmon, herrings, anchovies, etc. are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. You may get them fresh or tinned in the market. Both are good. Apart from that crab, oyster and caviar also contain omega-3 fatty acids. Cod-liver oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is excellent for children. You will get it in oil and capsule form. But before giving it to your children consult a physician for the ideal dose. Other common and easily available sources of omega-3 fatty acids are flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts, soybeans, etc.

How omega-3 benefits children

Benefits :

It has been found that regular intake of omega-3 fatty acids helps a lot to improve memory and attention. Children who regularly eat fish generally have a sharp brain and do fast progress in learning.

Children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) get benefited from regular intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

Asthma is a chronic condition that affects some children. Symptoms of this problem are chest pain, breathing difficulties, coughing, and wheezing. Studies have shown that fish oil capsules especially cod liver oil capsules intake help to reduce the symptoms of asthma. A severe asthma attack can be dangerous for children as they are caused by inflammation and swelling in the airways of the lungs. Asthma rates in US children are rising for the last few years say a daycare caregiver. Doctors in most cases encourage consumption of omega-3 fatty acids to lower the risk of this chronic disease in children.

DHA is a type of omega fatty acid which is a major structural component of the retina of our eyes. Vision problems especially in children may arise due to a shortage of this special type of fatty acid. Moreover, regular intake of omega-3 sources helps to reduce the risk of macular degeneration which is regarded as one of the causes of permanent eye damage and blindness.