Why Fizzy Drinks Are Harmful to Children

In the United States of America, children consume a good amount of fizzy drinks if you compare that of the children of other countries. They consume it on daily basis and parents also allow them without knowing the consequence of it. Summer has come, and children have enhanced the consumption of carbonated soft drinks to quench their thirst.

Most fizzy drinks contain a good amount of sugar, high fructose, flavor, color, caffeine, preservatives, and a few more things. All these ingredients are dangerous for a child’s health.Montessori teachers advise parents not to offer fizzy soft drinks to their children as it has numerous side effects. Instead of it, they tell parents to encourage their children to drink plain water from their very childhood. If they do not find interest in it offer them chilled water or add an ice cube in the water just to attract the child. In a primary school, in arcadia, CA, they tell that they never offer such drinks in school tiffin. In summer, they offer their students various organic fruit juice and smoothies, made under the supervision of the dietician of the school. Most of the Montessori teachers encourage parents to make simple drinks at home with fresh fruits, vegetables, and milk. They gave parents some easy and yummy drink recipes that not only will quench the thirst but also are good for health.

Caregivers of a Montessori in Arcadia Ca tell parents not to stuff their refrigerator with all those trash drinks. Children follow their parents blindly and for this reason to set an example parents also should not drink all these fizzy drinks at least in front of their children.

Side Effect of Fizzy Drinks :

These fizzy drinks contain a large amount of sugar. It means that a cup of this drink contains much more calories in comparison to other normal drinks. So when a child consumes a good amount of these carbonated drinks, it makes him overweight within a few days. The matter does not end there. Fructose - a common ingredient of this type of drink that can be metabolized by only one organ is the liver. When a child drinks too much fizzy drinks, the liver, becoming overloaded turns the fructose into fat and may cause fatty liver disease even in children.

A good number of US children are suffering from type 2 diabetes and the nutritionist are saying that limitless consumption of this yummy tasty fizzy drinks and junk food along with the sedentary lifestyle are the major reasons behind the problem.

The artificial color, sweetener, flavor, and preservatives that are used in these drinks may cause cancer.

Dentist says that carbonated soft drinks affect a child’s teeth badly. It damages the enamel of the teeth and creates cavities because the accumulation of sugar (that the drink contains) gives birth to bacteria and bacteria causes cavities. One ingredient ‘phosphoric acid’ is used in these types of drinks to give it its signature tang feeling. Young people mainly like it because of its tanginess. Parents may shiver to know that how dangerous it is. It extracts calcium from bones to work out.So think twice before offering such drinks to your children.