Why Daytime Nap Is Necessary For Your Children

Nighttime sleep is necessary of course but daytime sleep or nap time is necessary too especially when you have toddlers at home. Caregivers at most of the Child Care in Arcadia CA think that naptime does wonder to improve the health and uplift the mood of children. Daily naps for children are essential for the children though some parents think that if the kids sleep in the daytime, they will not sleep in the night. But, it is not true. If your child is stressed and tired during the daytime, you should allow them for an hour’s nap else they may behave badly. So, children under the age of five should need daily naptime.

Daily napping does wonder on your children. A toddler who takes a daily nap shows a longer attention span when they prepare their studies or are involved in extracurricular activities in the evening. The children also remain less irritable than those children who do not take naps. Daycare experts think that children, especially below three, should enjoy a regular nap time, and children older than them, if they do not take a nap, must enjoy a structured quiet time when they may read books, solves the puzzle, or just lay on the bed or play alone quietly in their room so that they can cool down their nerve. Structured quiet time does not include watching TV or playing with mobile because these things make children overactive. From the very childhood, children must learn to spend time alone, think a Child Care expert.

Pediatrics in a kindergarten in a preschool in Arcadia, CA think that as kids grow and develop, day-time nap give scopes to children to recharge their body and mind. They emphasize that a toddler’s brain should get a total rest of an hour or two in the daytime to improve the capacity of their memory. Lack of sleep may lead your children to obesity as it has been found that kids tend to eat more when they do not get enough sleep. A naptime ensures that your children get adequate sleep.

When your children do not take nap in the daytime, most of the time they create various types of tantrums, irritate parents, and later the children become irritated when scolding starts to come from the parents’ side. Moreover, they become less concentrated when they start to prepare for their studies in the evening.

Daily nap in the afternoon help toddlers grows healthily both mentally and physically. Nap helps to digest food and get absorbed properly. It has been found that two-year-old toddlers, who skip their daily nap time, become less joyful, dull, more anxious and have poor health, and grow less physically.

How much daytime nap your children need is a really confusing question. Different age groups need a different amount of time for daytime sleep. You may consult your child's physician in this matter. In this pandemic situation when most of the children are at home parents are requested by preschool experts to send their children under the age of three to sleep and slightly older children should enjoy structured quiet time.