Why And How To Inspire Your Children To Be A Plant Lover

Gardening is a wonderful activity to share with your kids. It is a great way to get the kids outdoors, get exercise and teach them how to eat what they grow. Caregivers of most of the US primary schools think that gardening is important for every pre-schooler because it provides them with skills to help their child’s development. Through gardening and different activities related to it like carrying tools or moving soil and water from one place to another young children can practice loco meter skills, body management skills, and object control skills. For this reason, different schools in Durate, CA, and other parts of the United States of America have kept gardening a subject in their curriculum.

Caregivers of a preschool in Durate CA tell that there is a common misconception that gardening is an activity best suited for the elderly. But, it is not true. Different studies and surveys on kids show that kids - toddlers to pre-schoolers, all love gardening very much because gardening means playing with mud, water, and plants. Pediatricians say that introducing gardening from the very preschool age has different benefits. Through garden play, children acquire and improve crucial skills, have fun, and develop self-confidence all the while enjoying a nature-friendly childhood in the Montessori way.

Most gardens are a visual explosion of colors, tones, and shades. Most preschool caregivers think that gardening habit improves a child’s taste. They learn to appreciate beautiful things of nature. Their tastes grow. Some kids are picky eaters and they do not like to eat fruits and vegetables. Parents are advised to plant edible plants so that they can influence the child’s taste buds. Kids surely will be willing to try a new food if they have been involved in the process of growing it. Kids like to grow plants they recognize and some common popular choices are carrots, pumpkins, potatoes, sunflower, etc. Gardening is a great way to get that non-vegetable eating child to try some veggies.

Gardening enhances literacy skills. Kids come to know the names of different plants, their growth requirements, etc. By taking care of the plant, day after day, their reliability and responsibility skills are enhanced. Nothing is more rewarding than the fruits of one’s own labor and naturally, it enhances the self-confidence of a child. It also enhances the curiosity of children regarding nature, and gradually becomes nature lover – the quality which we need today to protect our mother nature so that we human beings and other flora and fauna of this earth is survived.

Working together in your garden with your children is togetherness time. A strong bond is created between family members and creates long-lasting sweet memories. Gardening gives you a chance to know your child more intensely – their likes and dislikes, their capability, etc.

Kids love things that are their size. Before involving them in the gardening get them a set of kid-sized tools to help them in the garden. Bring them a new pair of gloves, hat, towel, and watering can to start gardening.