What Causes Kids to Misbehave

Many parents nowadays complain about misbehavior in their children. Children use their behavior to express their feelings and thinking. So, parents keep on saying, “I don't understand why my kids are misbehaving”. Experts from Preschool San Marino, CA, say there are some common reasons why children misbehave. According to them, it is extremely useful for parents to understand the reasons because if they can pinpoint the root cause of the misbehavior, they will be able to reduce it successfully.

Seek attention :

Kids always want attention from their parents and teachers. If parents are busy on the phone or laptop, visiting friends or family, or occupied in any other way, kids feel left out and start throwing tantrums. They whine or scream or hit siblings to attract attention.

Testing their parents or caregivers :

Children are always inquisitive, and they try to understand how the world around them works. Their needs get changed at different developmental levels and they keep on seeing where the boundaries are, or if they exist at all. Though testing parents is frustrating for parents, they should understand that it is normal for the kids and this is the time when they can make a difference in their children's life.

A different set of expectations in school and home :

Kids feel safe and secure if they experience a common set of expectations in school or at home. A different set of expectations makes children feel uneasy and stressed. To express this uncomfortable feeling and anxiety, kids throw tantrums and miss behave.

Irregular/unhealthy diet :

According to the caregivers of preschools, children’s regular diet affects their behavior. Overeating and hunger both can make them feel uncomfortable and irritable. Healthy eating habits make kids feel calm and encourage better behavior.

Manipulating adults :

Kids know very well how to manipulate adults through their behavior. They push buttons to test their parents' tolerance and to see what happens & what they can get away with this. Kids misbehave to manipulate adults especially in a public setting or in a social gathering.

Lack of skills :

Sometimes behavior problems trigger if kids have a lack of some 21st-century life skills. A child who lacks social skills may hit or abuse other kids instead of sharing toys and playing together. A kid lacking problem-solving skills may not clean his room as he does not know what to do if his toys don't fit in the toy box.

They want independence :

In Preschool San Marino, CA, teachers have observed that pre-schoolers want to do many things on their own and show off their newly learned skills. But if they have helicopter parents around them, they become more argumentative and may behave disrespectfully at times.

Can't control their emotional needs :

Sometimes if kids are experiencing any strong feelings, they don't know how to handle it. They become easily overwhelmed when they feel scared or angry or sad and as a result, they may become aggressive. They may also behave unexpectedly if they feel excited, stressed or bored.

Although it may not easy always if your kids are misbehaving, you need to be patient and try to understand their problem. Your understanding and positive attitude will help them to calm down and behave properly.