Talk to Your Kids About How Halloween is Celebrated in Different Countries

Do you know that Halloween is celebrated in different ways around the world? Yes! You heard it right. Americans associate Halloween with pumpkins, weird costumes, candy, and spooky stories of ghosts. But around the world, People celebrate Halloween in different ways. Depending on the place you go, Halloween can be either silly or serious.

Read this article entirely to know how other countries celebrate this special day. In Daycare centers, teachers talk to their kids about this and help them gather some knowledge about their favorite celebration.


Irish people have their own way of celebrating this holiday. Unlike America, for the Irish people, it is not just the candy that is important, but a special sweet bread called Barmbrack. This serves their official Halloween dessert.


Although most of the countries around the world celebrate Halloween, some countries have just started embracing this. England falls in this category as they already have a holiday on November 5th, Guy Fawkes Day. This day dates back to 1605 and reminisces the infamous Gunpowder Plot when Catholic people tried to blow up the Parliament and King James 1. Initially, Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day got clashed, but now people are trying to merge traditions.


In Duarte, CA preschools, kids became quite surprised to know that Russians do not celebrate Halloween. According to some politicians and religious groups, Halloween goes against their Christian and cultural values and beliefs.


According to the Scottish people, a certain Halloween ritual will tell whether one couple is truly meant to be together. The ritual goes like this – throw nuts into the fire; if they fracture and crack loudly you won't be hearing the wedding bells soon. But if the nuts roast quietly, your relationship will never hit the rocks.


In China, the US version of Halloween is celebrated only by the ex-pat communities. But China has its own day to celebrate the dead. It is called the Hungry Ghost Festival. This festival honors the good spirits and curses the evil ones. As the Daycareteachers talk to their students about how Halloween is celebrated around the world, they get to know about the different other versions of Halloween as well.


Halloween is not a holiday in Japan and like some other countries, Japanese people are slowly adopting this culture. In Tokyo and other big of Japan, the most entertaining part of Halloween is the intense costuming.


In India, Halloween is not only about costumes, cobwebs, and pumpkins. It is about food and merry-making. Though it is not a holiday there, kids dress up in spooky attire and go to costume parties. Many schools also organize fancy dress or go-as-you-like competitions to celebrate Halloween. Ther in many restaurants, you will be served Halloween-themed meals, just for this day.


According to many spectators, the most famous Halloween celebration is Mexico’s Day of the Dead. Although it is not exactly Halloween, in Mexico, it is a day to celebrate and honor their deceased friends and family members. They celebrate this day on 2nd November each year. They have a weird belief related to this festival. According to their belief that on this day, spirits come to visit the world of the living beings and the celebration.

You can read different books to your kids about how Halloween is shared in different countries or share this basic information with them. This year if you are hosting a kids Halloween party, organize a Halloween theme quiz contest. Kids would love to participate and gather some knowledge.