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Besides being an important life skill, swimming is an outdoor activity which has plenty of benefits for children. But as a parent of a toddler, you must feel confused about the advantages, risks, and precautions related to swimming. Continue reading if you want to know more about swimming to make an informed decision on when and how to introduce your little ones to this activity.

Some benefits of swimming for your kids :

Children in Childcare Monrovia CA enjoy this cool activity during summertime, and this is the only sport that might be able to save someone's life. Besides this, the other benefits of swimming are as follows:

Staying healthy and fit :

Swimming is a great way of getting kids some physical exercise in the age of electronic gadgets. Children always love playing in the water and swimming is developing a life skill in a fun way. Besides increasing stamina, enhancing balance and posture, swimming improves our cardiac and respiratory health.

Essential for safety:

Swimming is considered a life skill that can help in saving someone's life. Knowing the skill of staying safe, if somebody falls into the water accidentally, is essential.

Enhance emotional well-being :

Childcare Monrovia, CA caregivers encourage their students to go for swimming as it is beneficial for their mental and emotional health. It works as a stress buster and improves an individual’s mood. Doing swimming regularly helps prevent depression and keep your child always happy and motivated.

Teaches teamwork :

While going for a swimming class, children can make new friends and they learn the importance of team spirit. Learning a life skill together and competing against one another in a positive and sportive manner teaches them some valuable life lessons.

Coordination skill :

Children who go for swimming, have better breathing pattern and synchronized movement of arms, legs, and entire body. Developed coordination skill is very helpful for a child to make them feel more confident.

Some risks related to swimming :

Besides having many benefits of swimming, there are some risks related to this fun outdoor activity.

  • Childcare Monrovia, CA caregivers suggest parents check the temperature of the pool water as cold water in the pool can lead to cough and cold in your child. Heated pools may be a solution but not easily available.
  • Chemicals used to clean the pool, like chlorine, produce toxic gases which may create some asthmatic problems.
  • Many contagious diseases and skin problems may occur from swimming pool water.

Precautions to be taken when your kids are going for swimming:

  • They should not go to the pool alone. Adult supervision is necessary at all times.
  • They follow the swimming pool rules.
  • They should wear proper swimming costumes like swimwear, goggles, earplugs, etc.
  • They should understand that swimming in a pool is extremely different from swimming in a river. The riverbed will not be flat and smooth like the pool and may pose the danger of jutting rocks that can be sharp.