Some facts related to Montessori schools

Montessori Method becomes very famous in the past few years. All the kids want to be free and learn without any boundaries. That is why Maria Montessori developed the method and concept of Montessori. In which the kids are free to do any activity and roam anywhere in the classroom. Kids learn independently and in a team as per their interests. If you are looking for a Montessori school for your child you must need to know some facts related to Montessori school. In this blog, we have below. Read carefully:

There Are No Grades Given

This fact can shock many parents because Montessori schools do not provide letter grades. Their concept of education is towards mastery not grade. Here the kids learn the basic concept of letters and progress higher. The teachers focus on the track of where the kids are on each concept. Now you can understand that no grades and no test either and kids also never feel the pressure of the exam.

Classrooms Have Students of Different Ages

In the Montessori schools, there are multiple age groups of kids in one classroom. Kids around the age of 3 and above are placed with others in a space. This method of learning helps the students to learn from different age groups and elders teach the Youngers that building a specific bond between them.

Montessori Method emphasizes role playing

According to research role-playing is essential in this methodology of learning. “The Evaluation of Role-Playing in the Context of Teaching Climate Change.”

This is a method that focuses on the learner’s developmental needs. It includes a sense of competency and responsibility in the young learner’s mind. It helps to foster independence and a sense of responsibility. Each child has to play a role and the teacher guides, not interrupting them while working.

Here teachers give clear instructions with the materials that will prepare the students for the specific environment’s learning process. Thus, the kids don’t need any expert help they only need guidance, to achieve success.

Improves Math and Literacy

Kids who join Montessori schools have shown better results in maths and literacy in elementary schools. This is the early life advantage for the kids to get ahead in their classes. Also, they stay engaged in their academic careers.


These are 4 facts related to the Montessori Method, after that if you are influenced by this education method and looking for Montessori Duarte, CA , we are here to assist you. We have a team of professional teachers to guide you. A Montessori school teaches you how to learn, think, and play. Here the teachers focus on individual children to make them successful people. Montessori schools are very interesting and help your child to avail yourself of the benefits of it. Parents choose this method to give free space to their children it helps the kids to feel happy with no boundaries.