Some Delightful St. Patrick’s day Books for Kids

Everyone knows that reading is a great activity and can be done on any occasion. Most kids love listening to or reading stories to know more about any legend. If your kids like reading or fond of listening to stories, you can read stories to help them learn about St Patrick and the importance of the day.

Reading is one of the best activities to keep kids engaged productively in Preschool centers. In fact, you can also have read-aloud sessions with your little ones at home. You just have to get hold of an interesting book and start reading the book with expressions and voice modulations. If you are wondering which books to read on St. Patrick’s Day to help the kids learn more about the great saint, then you can refer to the list below.

  • Jamie O’Rourke and the Big Potato by Tomie dePaola – This book is quite popular amongst kids as the book shares a new story with familiar illustrations. Tomie DePaola's retelling of a popular folktale recounts lazy Jamie O’Rourke’sdismay when his wife injures her back and can not do all the work. Jamie O’Rourke, the laziest man in all of Ireland, is sure he will starve to death. But a Wiley leprechaun intervenes and one wish later, Jamie is the proud owner of a potato as big as a house. Many parents consider this book an engaging read-aloud choice for St. Patrick’s Day.
  • St Patrick’s Day by Gali Gibbons – The preschool librarians of Arcadia, CA, have found Gali Gibbons is one of the biggest names in elementary-level non-fiction. This book talks in detail about the life of St. Patrick, how the day is celebrated, and shares six legends about the great Irish saint.
  • Leprechauns Never Lie by Lorna Bailian – This book is one of the popular books amongst kids. Children enjoy the lessons in this tale and the illustrations are perfect, showing a mischievous leprechaun enjoying every minute of the work that Ninny Nanny is forced to undertake in her search for gold. Though this book tells the story about St. Patrick’s day, is not overly dark and teaches a lesson of value, and lends an Irish feeling.
  • O’Sullivan Stew by Hudson Talbott – The crazy little story in this book has become quite famous amongst preschoolers. Teachers from Preschool suggest parents read this story aloud at their children’s bedtime. The main character of this story turns out to be a quite adventurous and independent young woman. The story is fun, widespread, and full of twists and turns.
  • That’s What Leprechauns Do by Eve Bunting – Kids love reading this book as the story in it talks about a leprechaun’s main job is to hide gold at the end of the rainbow. But they also certainly like to be naughty sometimes. This silly and light-hearted tale by one of the famous authors of children’s literature is definitely a pot of gold.