5 Simple Science Activities For Kids To Develop Their Curiosity

Science is a vast area and there are different branches of it to explore. If your kids have started going to Montessori Monrovia, CA, make sure they are learning about different science concepts as it will build the foundation needed to explore the world around them. Learning about different science concepts from an early stage will help them develop their problem-solving skills, gain awareness about the technology, and conserving natural resources. Eventually, they will advance from preliminary principles to pursue higher levels of scientific understanding.

To help your kids having a better understanding you can do some of the below-mentioned experiments with them at home.

  1. Lime Juice and Baking Soda : To do this experiment you do not need many ingredients. Just fill a pie tin or a baking pan with baking soda, squeeze in some food color or grate some chalk for color, and use lemon juice to do this fizzy science experiment. Your kids will enjoy the activity and learn about the combinations of bases and acids and how they react together.
  2. Walking on raw eggs : Have you ever thought about what will happen if you walk on raw eggs? Ask this to your kids and let them share their predictions. To do this experiment with kids Montessori Monrovia, CA teachers use a few cartons with eggs and some plastic to lie out over the floor. Kids need to place their foot flat and evenly onto the egg cartons so that their body weight is spread evenly across all the eggs. From this experiment, they will learn how the eggs’ shape and the carton’s shape helps to protect the fragile eggs.
  3. Evaporation of Water : This is a simple science experiment to learn about the concept of evaporation. To do this experiment you just need water, salt, a spoon, and a container. Mix water and salt in the container and put it in the direct sunlight for a few days. Ask your child to predict what will happen to it over time. After several days your little one will be surprised to see only the salt left in the container.
  4. Watch Plants drink : To do this experiment grab a glass of water add some food coloring to it and put a white carnation (with the stem sliced) in the water for a few hours. After several hours, your kids will be amazed to see that the red water has passed through the stem and spread in the flower. In Montessori Monrovia, CA kids do this experiment to learn that stems transport water and minerals from the root to the other areas of the plant.
  5. Water makes music : Fill some glass bowls or vases with different levels of water – you can color the water to make it more fun. Now let kids use a wooden spoon or mallet and tap on the bowls. As they tap the bowls they will hear different types of sounds are coming from them which is creating music. They will understand that different water levels are actually creating the music and sound is made by vibration.

If you want to spend some time with your kids productively, do any of these activities which will develop their curiosity and help them to think scientifically.