Seven Excellent Tips To Motivate Your Children To Drink More Water

Every child needs to drink an adequate amount of water whether he is an athlete or not because proper hydration of the body is needed always so that every organ inside the body can work smoothly. Parents sometimes ask what the adequate amount of water is. Pediatrics says that this ‘adequate amount’ may vary from child to child depending on their age, height, and weight, biological sex, and activity level. Even the weather plays a crucial role to determine the needed water amount in a child’s body. For example, children need to drink more water in summer because it is hot and the body sweats for this heat. Lots of body fluid drains out in the form of sweat. Summer means fun time, children remain engaged in an outdoor activity like biking, hiking, swimming, etc. Other than sweating, the body also loses water through breathing and digestion.

In a Preschool school in Monrovia, CA, most parents complain that their children do not want to drink water because they say that they do not feel thirsty. Not drinking enough water especially in summer may cause various problems like dehydration, fever, stomach upset, headache, body ache and tiredness, and lack of concentration. To motivate them to drink more water, a few measures can be taken. These measures are given below.

  1. Make water available everywhere. If they do not see the water, they will not ask for it because by nature they feel less thirsty than the adult. Do not keep any other drinks in front of them other than the plain water when they are thirsty because children like to drink readymade sweet drinks or soft drinks rather than water. Make sure they carry adequate water when they are left for school. After coming back home, check their bottle and if they finish, reward them.
  2. A Preschool caregiver in Monrovia, CA in tell about the Use an alarm clock or set time on mobile which will remind them to drink water from time to time.
  3. Offer them cold water if they do not like normal water. You can also drop one frozen fruit inside the water. For example, keep some frozen red grapes at the bottom of the glass and pour water. This will make the drinking of water more attractive.
  4. Children follow their parents blindly. So you set an example. You drink plain water from time to time to set the example. If possible make a common family drinking water time. Your children will surely enjoy this activity.
  5. Beautiful cups and glasses are available in the market. You may buy it for them. Go through the internet, you will find many to buy online. Your Montessori goers may not like a plain boring glass but surely will like to drink from bunny rabbit or buffalo glass.
  6. Beautiful straws and sippers are available in the market. If your child is too small, provide them with these things to make them interested in drinking plain water.
  7. Kids most of the time do not like the smell and taste of plain water. You may add a few drops of lemon, orange, mint, or any type of fruit juice to give the water a flavorful kick.