Protein-Rich Breakfasts For Your Kids

The metabolism rate of children is quite high and hence they must be made to eat a balanced diet that consists of all the nutrients. This shall ensure proper development and growth of the children and at the same time keep their apatite full for a long time. Daycare Sierra Madre, CA says that an essential part of the diet is protein, and if a child is a picky eater, then parents must be worried if their child is getting enough protein which is a body-building food. The protein requirements of the body differ from child to child based on the age and weight of the child.

Another aspect that influences the protein requirement of the child is dependent on the type of protein that the child is consuming and to what extent and how quickly is the protein getting digested in the body. Usually, it is said that animal proteins are complete proteins since they are inclusive of all the essential amino acids. These proteins get digested and are richer than the plant proteins.

Here are some of the protein-rich breakfast options for your children which they would love to eat and in this way, protein gets into their body in adequate amounts -

  1. Scrambled eggs - It is the easiest and the most common type of protein-rich breakfast that can be fed with veggies or bread to make it a wholesome breakfast imparting satiety to the children.
  2. Quiche - This food is usually a crusted cup of eggs and is served in muffin cups. They can also be served as slices from pie plates. You can also serve quiches in crustless forms and they are very high in the content of proteins.
  3. Peanut butter toast - It is one of the best sources of protein for the kids since it is versatile and kids usually love the taste of the same. Peanut butter can be added to toast, bagels or English muffins, and even a tortilla.
  4. Protein shake - The protein shake is no protein powder but consists of enough protein that can add to the satiety value of the kids. Daycare Sierra Madre, CA says that protein shake is a blend of items like milk, tofu, chia seeds, cocoa powder, honey, and peanut butter.
  5. Chia pudding - Chia seeds are wonderful sources of protein and they are perfect when incorporated into breakfasts. Chia pudding is made using almond butter and almond milk and this increases protein delivery of the product to a great extent.
  6. Protein oatmeal - This is a complete food since oats are a rich source of fiber. oatmeal keeps the apatite full for quite a long time. This can be given to kids along with milk and sliced fruits.

It is important to ensure that kids consume a very healthy diet but protein is mostly not an issue. Children must avoid consuming junk foods and opt for nutritious and protein-rich foods. Parents should keep proper surveillance of the same so that their little ones remain healthy.