Parenting Tips For Raising Happy, Healthy Preschooler

If you are parents of toddlers, you would agree that raising a preschooler can be a lot of fun. With their unique set of requirements and their ever building social, emotional, and physical skills make them eager learners. According to the child care experts of Daycare Duarte, CA, understanding children’s developmental stages will help parents to make proper strategies to raise happy, healthy, and smart preschoolers.

Everyday life :

If your toddler has started going to his preschool, he will be becoming more and more independent and you can expect him to dress himself, button clothes, and brush their teeth with little assistance. As his speech improves and vocabulary expands, he will most likely begin to speak in short sentences. You may see him asking many questions, tell stories, remember nursery rhymes, appreciate special events, and understand daily schedules. At this age, normally preschoolers begin to play cooperative games with other children in small groups, share toys and develop friendships.

Diet and nutrition :

Your child’s nutrition should be of utmost importance for their overall health. Proper nutrition for a kid should include three meals a day and two healthy snacks. In Daycare Duarte, CA kids are served with fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and low-fat dairy products but limited food items with high sugar and fat.

Physical activity :

Doing some physical activity is very important to keep the preschoolers active. Physical activities help build their muscles and keep them healthy. Though kids love to engage in different free plays like running, jumping, climbing, hopping, skipping, dancing, etc, your kids should spend some time playing some structured games.

Around the house :

When they are at home, you can expect your preschooler to dress and brush their teeth independently. At this stage, they should be able to use the toilet without much assistance. This is the time when kids grow independence and they want to be considered more responsible. If they show independence and responsibility in any activity, don't forget to appreciate the effort. Positive reinforcement is important to make them feel more confident.

Preschooler health:

Despite taking good care of those tiny ones, it is always good to take specific precautions to help them stay safe and healthy. In Daycare Duarte, CA, caregivers always encourage kids to take care of their bodies and follow certain safety rules. You can also teach your kids about what to do if the smoke alarm rings or what to do if they get separated in a shopping mall. It is advisable to take your toddler for annual health check-ups and be aware of the common health problems( constipation, upper respiratory infections, vomiting, diarrhea)preschoolers face.

Sleep :

Sleep is very important to lead a healthy life and preschoolers need at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep at night and 2 to 3 hours of naptime. Please remember, bedtime problems can be a common issue during the preschool years. So please be prepared and try your best to help them have a sound sleep at night.

You will see a lot of physical, emotional, and social development in your child during his preschool years. Spend time with your child and let him understand that you love him and care for him, and they will grow as a smart and confident human being.