Is It Safe To Send Your Child To Day Care Yet? 3 Points To Consider

As life limps back to normal and educational facilities open, parents, especially working parents are in dilemma on whether they should send their little ones to daycare in Duarte, CA, or not. If you are also in that situation, here are some points to consider before you make your decision.

Check out your local infection rate: In the parenting site for the American Academy of Paediatrics, doctors are stressing that the decision whether you should send your child to daycare or not should depend on local conditions. The local part refers to the area the daycare is situated in and you should monitor the infection rate in that locality to make your decision. As per guidelines, if the percentage of positive corona cases is less than 5%, it is pretty safe to send your child.

1. Children are susceptible to the pandemic

Many people are under the assumption that young children and healthy adults are immune to this pandemic. While it is true that this virus has proven to be lethal for those who are in their sunset years, it is also true that 10 to 12% of reported cases are of children. The majority of the children often have mild symptoms to no symptoms which makes them silent carriers of the virus. For children below the age of 1, this virus often turns out to be fatal as it is to children who are immune-compromised. Hence, if your child has poor immunity, it is best to wait until the situation is better at least state-wise.

1. Check how much CDC guidelines the daycare is following

CDC has given out strict guidelines for daycare institutes and other education facilities regarding how to operate post-COVID-19 lockdown. So, make sure that the daycare your child goes to, has recorded proof that they are following those guidelines. Some of them include :

  • Children above the age of 2 must be wearing a mask. Hence, the daycare may reject accepting your child if he or she is not wearing the mask properly. As a parent, you have to make your child understand why they have to wear the mask. The daycare center staff and teachers should also be wearing the mask, and sometimes more protective gears.
  • The sitting arrangement should be 6 feet from each other. That will be easy to maintain if your child is slightly older, but if he or she is a toddler, it may be hard to maintain. Then it is the duty of the teacher to make sure she plans her activities in such a way that the children participate together but without touching each other.
  • Proper and frequent handwashing must be included in the day-to-day activity of the children in a daycare Duarte, CA. Handwashing is, of course, taught in a daycare as part of everyday life skill, but now it has to be majorly followed. The staff members should also be following that and wearing gloves when doing tasks like changing diapers.

This pandemic has to be fought by each and every one of us, and correct information is the way to go. So, read up, check out, and then make the informed choice of whether or not you should send your child to a daycare facility.