Introduce Your Munchkin To The Art Of Talking

Speaking is an art, so the artist must be prepared from the beginning. Baby steps are all they need. As a parent, you will notice how your baby can make various sounds since the time of their birth. The sounds are later converted into various words and then finally sentences. Preschool Duarte, CA has successfully run courses that can help your munchkin be an expert in speaking.

Further, let us understand every child will speak at a different speed and at their own time. Never be angry with your younger child for speaking later or at a different speed than your older one. Be patient with your child throughout the process and wait for the magical moment when the first words like “mama, or dada” come out. Be ready if your child needs a bit extra help while speaking. Keep reading this article if you wish to encourage your child more.

What Could Help Them Talk?

Well, multiple things might contribute to the process. For example, you can encourage them, read together, etc. So, without further ado, let us begin with an understanding of a few of them.

  • Read the book together:
    A child can hear things and accumulate from the beginning. Even if he/she does not understand each word, the child can gain something by listening to it. Read every day in front of your child. If it's a book filled with pictures, that could be even more helpful. Improving their vocabulary is the ultimate goal. Preschool Duarte, CA has dedicated reading periods.
  • Talk whenever you can:
    Suppose your baby cannot speak; that does not mean you will not speak to your child. Babies can listen to words, and that would be beneficial for them. The more they hear, the more are the chances of them speaking earlier. Let them master the craft of speaking. Take a walk with them in the neighborhood and talk about the surroundings.
  • Sing with them, sing to them:
    Songs are a great way of introducing words. Rhyming words are easy to remember. Their favorite lullaby could also carry a lot of information. Day Care uses rhymes to teach the kids new words and rhythms.
  • Communicate Choices:
    Communication is the key to speaking better and more fluent. For example, suppose you have two choices for an evening snack. Ask them, “Do you want apple or orange? Let them choose what they want. This will improve their vocabulary and communication skills at the same time.

The Basket Of Vocabulary

The journey of speaking and accumulating begins from the day of their birth, and by the time they reach the age of 36 months, the child can speak around fifty to a hundred words. The journey will continue and will eventually grow by the age of three with around 250 words. Remember, the number of words said by each kid depends on the kind of communication that happens from your end. At Preschool, a child's speaking skills are taken care of really well.

So, be ready for the exciting journey of teaching your kids the art of speaking. Let them grow at their pace and develop their language skills.