Instill The Concept Of Cleanliness In Children

The practice of cleanliness is one of the most important habits, especially in this post-pandemic time. It helps to keep your children stay away from disease. It is very important to teach children the concept of cleanliness from early childhood if you want a permanent result, says Montessori experts. The habit of hygiene should be taught to the kid as it has a direct connection to the child’s own health. Besides, it creates a good impression on others. The recent spread of COVID 19 disease reminds us of how important cleanliness is to remain safe and secured. If you want your child to stay disciplined and maintain cleanliness all through his life then give him the training in health and hygiene as early as possible.

Some daycare experts of local Montessori schools of San Marino, CA think that apart from their hygiene, the concept of cleanliness also includes, keeping their surroundings clean. Montessori experts say that keeping the proverb “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” in mind, teach your children to maintain cleanliness in all spheres of life.

Brushing the teeth properly is the first step to personal hygiene. Some small children are very reluctant to brush their teeth properly. They want their breakfast before brushing their teeth. The parents have to make it more enjoyable. Make brushing a family affair in the morning, or create a contest among siblings for brushing, reward your children for a good brushing, or buy a special type of musical toothbrush for your children. Use your brain and motivate your children for proper brushing.

Next important step is hand washing, especially in this pandemic situation. Children come into contact with germs every day. Proper handwashing can stop the spread of not only Covid 19 disease but, also other illnesses like hepatitis A, common cold, etc. Be sure that they clean their hands with soaps and water before taking any meal. After coming back from the playground sometimes mere hand washing is not enough. Send them to the washroom to take bath and change cloth. Loving or taking care of pets no doubt is a good habit but be sure that they wash or sanitize their hands after touching any pet. Montessori teachers tell parents to make their children a habit of carrying a bottle of sanitizer always when they go out.

Teach your children to keep their surroundings clean. Scattered books, scattered clothes, open box of games in a room look so untidy. Encourage them to keep them in order and in place. Reward them when they do that. Encourage them to set their bed from a very early age. Motivate them to take part in the weekly cleaning of the house.

A proper bathroom habit from the very childhood is necessary. Teach him the right way to use a bathroom. Be sure they flush every time they use it, turn off the tap, keep the towel, soaps, and other products in place after using them. Praise them when they do that.

Be a role model to them in this matter. Parents themselves should practice hygiene and cleanliness before instilling this concept in the children.