4 Important Montessori-Inspired Tool To Raise Body-Positive Children

Although is the earlier time the sense of body image did not hit the child until they arrived adolescence, the picture has changed completely due to the massive use of social media. The changing paradigm of social aspects has also impacted hugely on the constant pursuit of thinness among the children. Now we have to apply smart and creative ways to teach the tiny tots about the healthy body image since their age of Preschool Monrovia, CA.

As per the latest research, body shaming has become so common even among toddlers that it starts to raise the eyebrows among the parents. Now chubby cheeks, dimple chin are no longer in fashion. The kids want to grow up fast and want to look like the elders. From the dressing to attitude, they shelve their childish selves quickly.

There are many children in the Preschool Monrovia, CA who want to improve their body image. To show them the right way to see the world, the first thing you need to do as a parent is banished any negative thought if you have any about your own body from the mind. Remember, it is not your fault so that you can convey the same message to the little one.

Now find here how to ease the struggle of your child and make her feel better :

  1. Break the stereotype : The first thing you have to find out how your child knows that she has a bad body image. Maybe she is getting a negative comment from others or comparing herself with others. You just need to reassure her that she is just perfect. Use words like ‘fine’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘perfect’ to bring some positivity in her mind. As the parent, reassurance your child when she is anxious is a blessing.

  2. Mind Her Moods : Teach your child to differentiate between the unkind mind, kind mind and quiet mind. Give them examples of how words are affecting the moods so that they will be aware of the circumstances. They can select the mind moods more deliberately. When they will spend more quite mood, they will become more peaceful and can establish harmony with nature.

  3. Identify the Root : It is a way to understand the cause that triggers the idea of bad body image in the mind of your child. You can either ask a question or guess after analyzing the circumstances. They may think that dieting is the right way to have healthy foods which is a complete misconception for the kid.

  4. Real World : The movies, television show, and most importantly social media hold a huge impact to create any perception among the children. You have to teach the child to distinguish them about the real and reel world. Ask them to try to look at the real world where they can find many other people who are just like them.

  5. Internal Upgradation : As we have told before, you have to be very cautious about what message your child is getting from the home. If you are too struggling for your body image, try to control them as much as possible. You need to stay happy about you and your child’s body image which is the golden key to led a happy life.