Importance of teaching kids about the trees

Investing in a child's development is important, whether you are a parent, nanny, or early childhood educator. The entire globe is working to be more environmentally friendly and sustainably minded. Early exposure to the study of trees and their significance to our ecosystem can help youngsters understand the value of nature and help them make wiser decisions throughout their lives. A child's growth includes learning to appreciate nature; therefore, today we'll talk about trees and their significance.

Let's read it out:

Trees attract wildlife

Trees provide a habitat for many of the vital species that inhabit our world. To maintain the strength and health of nature, trees support their ecosystems, including insects, birds, and fungi. Showing kids the many creatures, fungus, and lichen that grow on trees in the woods is a wonderful way to illustrate how important they are to our planet.

Bird houses

First, take the kids for a stroll around the schoolyard or a nearby park. Keep an eye out for suitable birdhouse locations or natural birdhouses. Pay close attention to how trees offer the safety and structural support that birds require to build a house. After that, go on to a design and construction exercise for birdhouses.

Encourage your kids to consider the difficulties that birds face when building their own homes. For instance, kids must examine the best materials to use and why, how to hang their birdhouses from the tree, and how birds will approach and depart the birdhouse.

Use one of these plans to construct a birdhouse, or come up with your own.

They Clean the Air

Do your children ever wonder how we can breathe easily? Also respond to them clearly: 'Particulate Matter' is something that trees help to remove from the air, which explains why. This form of air pollution, which is caused by burning fossil fuels, is the most harmful to our lungs.

More trees planted in urban areas, particularly those near industrial areas, can help lessen conditions like asthma.


These are some points that will show you how important it is to teach kids about trees. Also, you must teach them from the beginning of their education. At an early age, kids learn everything very soon, so you need to consider that. If you are looking for Montessori in San Marino, CA, you can connect with us. Here, we have a team of professionals to offer you the best care and start-up education for every child in our space.