How to teach and promote kindness to a pre-schooler?

The seeds you sow today would become a tree tomorrow, and that is why it is important to teach the pre-schooler all the right practices in life. So that today's toddler can grow up to become a responsible and kind-hearted citizen of tomorrow. That is why, one of the important practices for child care in Arcadia, CA is to teach the kids kindness and sharing at school. But the teachings should be backed up by the practices at home as well. And this is where the help and support of parents become so imperative.

Do not underestimate the observations of your kid, just because he/she is still a toddler. They are quietly noticing everything and making their own assumptions. So, when you treat someone kindly it sends a clear and direct message to the kid. And in due time he/she will start imitating you and showing kind behavior to others. Therefore, it is very important that you set the right example for them to follow.

As specialists in child care Arcadia, CA we can provide you some workable suggestions to influence a kind-hearted behavior in your pre-schooler. Here are some of the best practices to follow in this regard:

  • Donate Toys: Your pre-schooler might have outgrown many toys and there would be others that he/she is least interested in. Donate these toys to the less fortunate children. But before doing so care to explain why it is important. Also tell them that the toys you donate would help a kid play and enjoy their childhood.
  • Invite Friends: This can be tricky at the first instance, but on regular occurrence, the kid would learn kindness as well as sharing. Call some of his/her friends to play at your house. During the first couple of days, your kid might resist sharing the toys. But as the days pass by, he/she becomes more willing to share and care for the friends. This is one great way of teaching them compassion.
  • Teach them “Thank You” and “Sorry”: Parents definitely need to become the role models here. There are too many instances when we as matured adults forget the basics of saying “Thank you” and “Sorry”. But when you are the parent of a pre-schooler you cannot forget such things. Also, when you ask the kid to say these words, talk to them why they are being asked to say so. In due course of time, your pre-schooler would learn these basic words of kindness and good behavior.
  • Ask them to Help: Again, this is a good way of teaching them compassion. Ask your child to accompany you in completing the age appropriate household chores. Convey it to them that their task is removing some workload from your shoulders. They would be able to reciprocate this act in other areas of life too.

As you can see, these simple tasks can help you raise a kind hearted and well-behaved pre-schooler. So, implement these small changes and raise a kind-hearted kid for tomorrow.