How To Shape And Manage Your Young Child’s Behavior

If you have a toddler at home and you are working from home, this is a great opportunity to help shape your children’s behavior. Though shaping their behavior is tough but is a key part of being a parent and can be rewarding. At times, you may find it challenging but according to the teachers of Preschool Sierra Madre, CA, following certain key principles can ease your job.


By now you may know that kids learn the best by watching their parents or teachers or any other adults around them. So, if you are trying to instill some good habits and manners in your little ones then first try to practice those in your daily life. Kids will observe you and start doing the same. You don’t have to teach them anything; as we all know ‘we should practice what we preach’.
For example, As parents, you demonstrate sharing things among family members or friends. Seeing you they will understand the importance of sharing and you will be happy to see your little one following you.

Model good ways to calm down

Nowadays kids are very hyper and get super excited or bored or annoyed quite easily. Whenever they feel restless or agitated, they should know the proper ways to calm down. As parents it is your responsibility, to teach them that sometimes it is good to calm down instead of expressing their feelings through screaming or some other hyperactivities. For example, ask them to take 10 deep breaths whenever they are feeling frustrated or stressed.

Expressing themselves properly

You may think that your toddler is small and does not understand the things happening around them. But as per the teachers of the Preschool Sierra Madre, CA, kids understand everything going on around them but not able to express their feelings properly. So, please encourage them to express their thoughts and emotions. Once they are able to share their feelings, they will feel much sorted and calm. For example, if your child is upset about anything, ask them to share what they are upset about and why.

Pay attention

Kids are attention seekers. They always want to be the center of attraction. It has been seen kids misbehave or become hyper only to draw their parents’ attention. So, please pay adequate attention to your child. Don’t ignore their presence. Instead, try to make them feel that they are on the top of your priority list and you are always there for them.

Praise their good behavior

Everybody likes to be praised and so does your little one. Teachers of Preschool Sierra Madre CA always praise their students whenever they show good behavior or manners. You also appreciate your child’s good conduct and encourage them to be disciplined and behave properly.
Besides following the above-mentioned tips, please be calm and patient when you are teaching your kids to be disciplined. Your calm and polite demeanor will have a lasting effect on your child.