How To Maintain Health And Hygiene In Children During COVID 19?

COVID 19 is a deadly virus currently active all around the world. It has adverse effects on people of various age groups, but children are most prone to this virus. Children are not the face of this pandemic, but they are at the most significant risk of being affected by this virus. The most common syndrome among the children, which is eye-catching, is the persistent fever and various manifestations regarding clinical issues. This may involve elevated pro-inflammatory markers that include abdominal pain, cracked lips, red rashes, and many more as well as multiple organ systems. Other than these symptoms, such as excessive fatigue, severe diarrhea, and sore throat, is commonly seen in babies. The maximum percentage of young children is facing the nasal swab problem due to this virus. At Daycare Duarte, CA, various programs have been performed to educate the children about the adverse effects of this deadly virus.

  • Avoiding close contact with those people who are showing little marks of fever. At Daycare Duarte, CA, social distance norms have been appropriately taught to the children living there.
  • Children who are sick, are separated from the rest to avoid any spreading of fever or any other problems that might harm them.
  • In children, the saliva comes out of the mouth. Each one of them must be covered with tissues in their mouth, which needs to be changed at regular intervals to prevent the spreading of the virus if present.
  • Wash children’s hands with soap as frequently as possible so that their hands are free from germs all the time. Proper child care ensures that they keep the children’s hand washed all the time to prevent the virus from entering their body.
  • If the soap water is not available for wash, use hand sanitizers at frequent intervals to keep the hands clean all the time. The need for sanitizers is of high demand because the babies keep on putting their hands inside their mouths all the time. So to prevent the germs from going in, putting sanitizers in their hand is an essential factor.
  • The surfaces need proper cleaning at regular intervals because most of the time, the babies keep crawling on the floor with their hands and feet exposed. This causes the maximum chance of the virus entering the body because the babies keep on putting their hands inside their mouths.
  • Socks and gloves for children nowadays is an essential factor. It prevents the germs from entering into the body. The caretakers regularly ensure that each of them is equipped with socks and gloves.
  • The babies must be kept under regular checks to prevent the spread. Proper medication is carried out at regular intervals.
  • The clothes of the children need thorough wash regularly to keep clean. It might reduce the chances of spreading the virus among others who come in contact.