How to Keep Children Busy at Home?

In this pandemic situation when schools, daycare, and kindergarten are all shut down and in-house childcare is not available due to the second wave of COVID 19, it is tough to manage your children and doing office work from home simultaneously. Moreover, children become bored easily being stuck at the home day after day. Child experts say that to keep this boredom at bay parents must keep their children busy all the time in different quality activities. Some caregivers of child care centers at Duarte, CA think that some no-parent-needed activities are required for kids to keep them busy while parents can focus on their work. Besides, kids will gain experience from these works and will enjoy the day. Regular involvement in this work will make them self-dependent eventually.

Parents are given some child care tips by some kindergarten teachers in Duarte, CA to keep their kids busy at home. They are easy to do and much parental vigilance is needed. The following activity ideas include some that even very young kids can do without much insolvent of the parents. Most of the activities require no special equipment but common household items. Set up time limits and involve them. If you have older kids, you can also engage them in looking after the younger ones.

  • Toy wash perhaps is the most common activity that your children will love to do. Fill a sink or a plastic bin with water. Give them some washable toys, some small towels, and a dry basket. Tell them to wash their toys properly, then rub it with the dry towel and then keep the clean toy in another basket. Engage them in this activity preferably in the daytime before their bath. It will keep them engaged for a couple of hours.
  • Children love to spend their time in the kitchen. Give them fruits and vegetables (already washed by you, because it is not a wise choice to let them touch products which have come directly from the market due to the coronavirus problem) and tell them to wash and store them in a basket.
  • Engage them to fold their clothes and keep them properly in their cupboard. Empty the lower shelf of the cupboard and tell them to keep their garments there because being little they will not get the approach of the upper shelf.
  • Engage them in dusting their room, their bookshelf, your drawing-room, and some furniture. Do not forget to tell them to wear a mask in the time of dusting. Few children might have a dust allergy. So it is better not to involve them in this activity.
  • If you have slightly older children like seven or eight years, provide them with colors, a mask, and gloves. They will gladly paint the fencing of your garden.

At the end of the day do not forget to appreciate their work and express to them how you have been benefited from their works. This will help a lot to encourage them and to do work more perfectly in the future.