How preschools develop their curriculum?

A preschool lays the foundation for the future of our kids. It teaches ‘pre-skills’ that help children to learn to read, write, and develop social skills necessary for their success when they grow up. The preschools develop their curriculum with utmost care to ensure the overall growth and development of their students.

What preschools teach their students?

Preschools include a wide variety of subjects in their curriculum. They adopt a particular education philosophy and accordingly develop their syllabus. Like Daycare in San Marino, CA impart academic, physical, social, and emotional training. Most preschools also help the students to complete toilet training.

Academic concepts

Academics form a vital part of every preschool curriculum. The students are taught the basic concepts of days of the week and months, colors, alphabets, cutting, drawing, painting, and counting. However, the preschools teach these ideas through activities and plays that the kids enjoy. Moreover, physical activities are vital for the growth of children, and so, the preschools encourage their students to take part in activities like running, jumping, hopping, and playing outdoor games.

Reading skills

You must have seen preschoolers reciting rhymes, singing, and listening to stories. All these aims to develop their reading skills and prepare them for future schooling. Preschool teachers teach the concepts of words and their meanings by reciting rhymes and poems and acting on them.

To teach the children the connection between objects and words, the preschools use labels on the toys and items that children use daily.

The children also take part in plays and puppetry to learn how to speak and imbibe the meanings of words. These also help them to boost their imagination and bond with others.

Social skills

Learning social skills is crucial for every kid, and preschools play a key role in developing this skill in toddlers. Through various activities, the kids learn to work in groups, share their toys, express their feelings, and cooperate with others.

Motor skills

Small children need to master gross motor skills as well as fine motor skills. In preschools, these skills are developed through carefully selected activities. Physical activities like jumping, hopping, and playing with a ball helps in the development of gross motor skills while cutting, gluing, coloring, and drawing are related to fine motor skills.

Boost the imagination

Most children are imaginative, and we should encourage them to use their creativity to solve problems and issues they face in daily life. Preschools use various modern techniques to develop the power of imagination in their learners. Taking them out on field trips, helping them to connect to nature, and asking questions form a fundamental part of every preschool curriculum.

Daycare San Marino, CA follows a philosophy of independent learning through exploration. The children learn through playing and working closely with their friends. They learn how to form a friendship, think creatively, solve problems on their own, and use their imagination.

Through different structured and unstructured plays, the children practice different skills and gain valuable experience here. They learn through observation and questioning and enjoy the process. Thus, preschools develop their curriculum using the latest information and research.