How parent’s bad relationship impact kids' lives?

Hope you are not surprised to learn that kids suffer when their parents argue that it impacts them mentally. As parents, it is our responsibility to behave well in front of kids for their better development. To maintain a happy marriage and to secure the welfare of their children, parents must have a solid and loving connection. The happiness and health of children can be significantly impacted by the relationship between parents. In this post, we will look at the harmful effects of poor relationships between parents on kids.

Let's read it out:

Ability to be vulnerable

Your willingness to expose yourself to others' vulnerability will be severely hampered if you observe that any expression of vulnerability by one parent results in dismissal, belittling, or invalidation by the other.

Being vulnerable with friends, family, love partners, and, yes, your therapist, is what leads to growth and transformation, even if it might not seem like a huge issue on paper. It increases intimacy with people because it inspires them to reveal more of who they truly are.

Embarrassment during events

Especially during family-oriented events or programs where attendees bring their complete family, seeing the parents split up and experiencing a dysfunctional experience that prevents the family from being together might exacerbate the trauma.

Lack of perceived safety

If you and your spouse are openly threatening to leave each other or divorce, you are putting your child in a vulnerable and dangerous scenario. For a child, the peaceful coexistence of parents is essential to the stability of his or her family. Kids often experience a sense of danger and fear when their parents demonstrate a lack of consistency in their relationship. Children may imagine that their parents are harming one another or will harm one another, which naturally distresses them.

Influence their future relationship

As a youngster bases his or her expectations on their parents, he or she seeks characteristics in potential associates that are comparable to their own. You think it would also be natural given what you have seen in the past of your parents' nasty and dysfunctional relationship. When a child's image of romantic relationships or marriage in general has been warped, we frequently find it hilarious to accept insulting comments about marriage. Children who encountered numerous parental disagreements while they were young are more likely to have weak social, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills. The future life and interpersonal interactions of the person are hampered by these characteristics and bad behavior.


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