How Children Can Get Rid Of Sedentary Lifestyles

A sedentary lifestyle in children is an increasingly common issue that puts their mental and physical health at risk. One of the main causes behind it is the excessive use of technology. Moreover, the present pandemic situation has enhanced this sedentary lifestyle habit because from 2020 people are almost stuck in the home to fight against the deadly coronavirus. But, a sedentary lifestyle has a negative impact on the mind of all and especially on children. Regular physical activity is essential to promote health and fitness.

According to a preschool teacher sedentary lifestyle is that when children are doing the very little physical movement. Children who have this behavior sit in the same place for a long time aimlessly, or they watch marathon programs on the television or play games on the computer, mobile, or tablets nonstop. Children in a general bubble with energy. But, when the immobile lifestyle starts due to some reason, it becomes their behavior if it is not corrected at the primary stage.

Preschool caregivers think that children should be encouraged to remain physically active because this activity helps them to do better in school, enhance the concentration power, improves the learning skill, enhance their self-confidence, and many more good things. Physically active children socialize with others easily. The most important thing is that regular physical activity helps them to maintain healthy body weight and keeps different diseases like diabetes, depression, etc. at bay. Because of that most of the preschools in San Marino, CA, have kept various physical activities in their curriculum so that the children can grow to their full potential.

Most of the caregivers at a school in San Marino, CA, suggest that all children – preschool, elementary as well as high school children should be engaged in any type of activity always so that they do not get a chance to sit in the same place for a long time. In this pandemic situation when most of the educational institutions are closed to combat the pandemic, the parents must overview whether their children are growing sedentary behavior. Some tips are given below for the preschool children’s parents regarding some age-appropriate activities.

Go through the internet and you will get various ‘story aerobics’ for kids. Children love to watch the animation. Instead of sitting on a sofa for hours to watch a simple animation movie, this story aerobics will teach preschool kids how to exercise. This is a great workout for kids. It is full of fun exercises, yoga, dancing, and stories for young children. These story aerobics are recommended for all grades as they are full of jumping and stretching of all body parts. Various exercises help to strengthen the heart, hands, and feet. Regular practice makes the muscle stronger.

Involve your children in simple domestic work like gardening, dusting, washing toys, washing vegetables, arranging vegetables, sorting books according to their color, helping you prepare the breakfast, etc. Preparing food does not mean cooking always. Small children below five or six can apply butter or jam on bread slices, mashing potatoes, etc. at the breakfast table.