Fun games ideas for kids for the New Year party

If you planning to spend your New Year with your family. This blog is worth it for you. The Child Care Monrovia, CA team has highlighted some game ideas that you can enjoy with your kids. Also, these games are fun ways to spend quality time with kids. You can make lasting memories with your children and end the year on a high note.

Here are some game ideas; let's read them out:

Pass the Mirror Ball

If you don’t want to take the risk of breaking a disco ball, you can use the balloon to play this game. To enjoy this game, you need to instruct your party guests to form a circle. As soon as someone receives the ball, they should turn to face a participant on either side of them. The goal of the game is to pass the ball around the circle without using your hands. Participants continue passing the ball around the circle until it returns to its original starting location once the first person has successfully handed it off to their partner. If a player drops the ball, they are removed from the circle, and the game is resumed with the following player. Play the game until there are only two players left; at that time, both players are declared winners.

New Year’s Eve Scramble

To enjoy this game you just need Paper, a Pen, and A pair of scissors.

Now, on large pieces of paper, write the various New Year's-themed words. Then cut out the paper so that it looks like different jumbled words. The words are combined and placed in a bowl. To make the words, ask all of the kids to gather around the bowl and pull out the pieces of paper.

New Year's Eve Musical Chairs

Play a festive round of musical chairs while turning on your favorite holiday music to get your heart rate up. If you want to plan a family party where both adults and children may participate, the nicest thing about this traditional party game is that it is appropriate for kids of every age. Give yourselves enough space to move around freely by moving the couches and tables out of the way. You will enjoy the games with the family, kids, and your guest.


New Year’s games require some props and a little bit of preparation to add a spark to the party. You can start the games after dinner, or if you want to organize a small party for the kids, you can start the games after the guests' arrival. To have more fun with the crowd. Also, give presents to the winners. Yes, we know that for working parents it becomes critical, and that is why we always organize Christmas parties at our space to make every single child happy. If you are looking for childcare for your kids, we are here to provide the best services.