5 Smart Ways To Ease Daycare And Preschool Separation Anxiety

Sending kids to school for the first time is a daunting task. Even if you manage to get your child through the morning moves of brushing those tiny teeth, getting dressed, eating breakfast, finding and putting on the socks and shoes, buckling up in the car, still one final step remains. That is saying goodbye to the little one at the preschool or Daycare door. During this time, maybe your cutie pie cues up the whimpering, clinging and begging (“Please don’t leave me!”).

All these are the signs of preschool separation anxiety. Although this behavior is normal, especially at fraught moments like dropping off at school, it is not easy for the parents. If you are planning to enroll your child in school, these tips would help you to ease separation anxiety.

Start with a warm-up : Kids take some time to get used to a certain routine. So, to make it easier, take them to the school before the academic year starts, let them explore their classroom, and meet their teachers. If possible you can talk to the teachers and discuss the strategies to help your child deal with this separation anxiety.

Make a mom memento : To ease the pain of parting, let your kids keep something that belongs to you. Like an accessory or a handkerchief that smells of your favorite perfume or a chunky bracelet that she has seen you wearing. You can even tie a special string bracelet around her wrist, then kiss it and tell her, “I am filling this with my love.” Whenever she feels stressed from separation anxiety, she can touch or kiss that string bracelet to get an instant dollop of mom’s love. This will help her to adjust to the new setting.

Make a family picture : Make a mini photo album with the pictures of the people and the things that your little ones love and miss the most during the day. This whole thing may seem counterintuitive, but seeing all those loving faces can comfort an anxious child.

Stick to the routine : Once your little munchkin starts going to Montessori class, separation anxiety is quite common for both kids and parents. To avoid those unpleasant situations, try to follow a specific routine. So that they know what exactly is the expectation. Slowly gradually they will also start following the routine and throw fewer tantrums before going to school.

Talk to your child : Having a healthy conversation with your kids is very important. Talk to your kids about the importance of going to Monrovia, CA preschool and making friends there. You can also talk about the fun activities they are going to do there. These talks will help them feel motivated to go to school with any anxiety.

These are some of the basic tips you can follow to help your child adjust to the new routine. But after doing all these also some kids may have separation anxiety, so, you need to be patient and give them time till they feel comfortable with their new teacher and friends.