Emotions To Talk About With Little Kids

Children these days begin to show emotions be it one year old or five years. But as parents, we often don’t make the effort to give back those kinds of emotions to the school-aged kids. These small gestures will allow you to open the door to communication and enable your id to learn the complexities of emotion. This is as important as learning the numbers, colors sorting as well as letters. The motive of feeling is to make sense of what is going around us and inside of us.

At Daycare Duarte CA, the caregivers teach the kids to interpret, name, identify, and use their emotions. This will in turn help the kids to learn a new method of self-expression. The greatest present you can gift your kids is the ability to deal, recognize, and experience with emotions. Rather than trying with a long list to define the emotions to your kids, start with the initials.


Anger is a strong feeling of hostility, displeasure, and annoyance. For the kids who are easily influenced when their toys are grabbed by their friends, rage comes out as their sense of flight or fight comes to action. When your child does something inappropriate, hits, or throws a tantrum, it means that he is reacting to the stimuli that made him feel some sort of frustrations and pain.

Anger might seem to be irrational but for a child who does not know how to regulate emotions, it becomes an immediate reaction to some sort of wrongdoings. At Daycare Duarte CA, the caregivers teach the kids about how to control their anger through various fun lessons by identifying and explaining their feelings.


The feeling of sorrow, loss or bring let down is a major emotion for the young kids. Sadness can happen when your child gets scared, or when someone says something and feels bad. It can also be a feeling when your kids are missing someone. The caregivers at the Daycare teach the kids how to deal with sadness. Sadness can also come from disappointment, like schools being closed for a long time due to the pandemic or some play date taking place.


Children are not afraid naturally, but feelings of fear stem from worries and anxiety. When young kids have fear, they have some perception of danger. Although some fears are natural, most of the kids are afraid of strangers or darkness and separation from their parents. But nowadays, having a carefree day regularly is not the norm. The caregivers at Daycares and playschools teach the kids how to overcome fear by involving them in several activities.


The green-eyed monster of jealousy has the best way to get of us. It is an emotion that can be felt and expressed very easily. While it is often described as thoughts and feelings of insecurity, concern, or fear over a certain matter, it can also happen due to the feeling of resentment, inadequacy, and helplessness. The best way to overcome the effect of jealousy of your kids is to properly deal with them.