Eggs Can Be A Perfect Meal For Your Kids

Every parent wants the best for their kids, and the first step towards ensuring their health starts with creating a well-balanced diet. Unfortunately, while developing your child's meal, the ingredient that often takes the back seat is an egg. It is either incorporated as a side dish or simply as an accompaniment.

But many experts at Montessori Sierra Madre CA hold the thought that eggs hold the potential to fulfill the nutritional requirements of a kid. This is because eggs play a big role in providing your child with the energy needed to learn, grow and succeed. Therefore, we have jotted down a few pointers on why eggs are "the superfood" for your child.

Reasons To Incorporate Eggs In The Meal :

● Promotes healthy brain:

According to the research, pregnant as well as breastfeeding women who eat eggs on a regular basis are more likely to meet their child's need for choline. You must be thinking, why chlorine, right? It boosts parts of the brain that are crucial for learning and memory retention.

It is a fact that pregnant women need more choline. Moreover, a study conducted at the University of Toronto has shown that 87% of women who have consumed less than the recommended amount of eggs have less choline in their bodies. So, ensure that you consume eggs during those crucial moments.

● Health Development:

Two studies have also shown that the role that eggs play in the regulation and the maintenance of the child's weight is equally crucial. One study has corroborated that children who consume higher-protein egg-based breakfast daily ate fewer calories at lunch.

However, the other study had shown that hunger was reduced overall when children ate a higher-protein meal consisting of eggs. It not only increased the fullness by 32% but decreased hunger by 14% and desired to eat by 30% compared to any meal high in carbohydrates. So, if you want to regulate a healthy weight, you can rely on eggs to be the key.

● Lessen the sugar level:

One of the reasons obesity takes place is because of sugar-rich diets. According to the statistics of one report, one in every five calories that an individual consumes comes from sugar or food high in sugar. Youth are among the highest consumers who rely on sugar to make themselves full.

Compared to the food found on the shelf, eggs can be a better option. It is a wholesome food that is free of sugar. Moreover, it will keep the consumer full without making them feel guilty for consumption. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Plus, the flexibility of the ingredients allows one to whip up many delicious meals in a jiffy.

Eggs are such a healthy food choice. By introducing them at an early age, you will prevent egg allergy. So now that you know how good eggs are for health development, you should incorporate them into the meal. If not for breakfast, then whip up a meal using egg. It can be the start of the dish or just an accompaniment; nonetheless, the added nutritional values matter.