Common Season Health Issues Of A Childcare Going Child And How To Handle Them

Whether you are working in a Childcare San Marino, CA or sending a child to a childcare centre, one of your main concern in Fall is how to stop the spread of some common diseases around this season. By mid-October, flu season is already in full swing. So how do you combat this? Here are some important points to take note of:

  • Flu is the most common and dreaded seasonal illness for young children. One of the best ways to combat is by the flu shot; so, if you are a parent, make sure your child has one before the season starts. If you are from the school, and it is in your policy, make sure you let each parent know about mandatory flu shots.
  • Common cold has symptoms like the flu, but it can’t be treated with a shot. So, the best is to wait it out. Precautions like washing hands, covering nose and mouth and plenty of rest is the best way to deal with it both as a parent and as a teacher.
  • The second line of defence is of course to not spread either common cold or flue. For that parents and teachers of a childcare institute needs to work together. Parents must not send a sick child to school under any circumstances; and the teacher, if she finds the common symptoms, like suddenly becoming fatigue, with fever and body aches in any of her students, she must separate the child from her class and place her in the sickroom. The parents should be informed and asked to pick up the child.
  • Common hygiene practises like washing the hands and covering the face while sneezing must be emphasized during the seasonal flu season. As a parent, you must ask your child to thoroughly wash his hands and face after they return from school to avoid bringing home the germs.
  • The towels in the bathroom should be disposable kind as that will prevent spread of diseases. Similarly, the toys that they play with should be sterilized often to prevent germ transfer.
  • Unlike the flu or common cold, seasonal allergies especially pollen allergies are not that spreadable. Still, it is better to keep a child susceptible to such allergies a little apart from other students in class. As a parent, you can check the daily pollen count and the air quality of the place you live in or were the child goes for his Childcare San Marino, CA.
  • Another common seasonal health issue is sore throats. There are many reasons for a sore throat, like allergies and even the changing weather. But if it is the viral kind, then preventive methods should be taken into consideration. First, as a parent you should take your child to the doctor first to see what kind of sore throat he or she has. If it is due to allergy or due to weather, it is ok to send him or her to school. If it is viral kind than it is better to keep home. As for students in your classroom, if anyone complains of sore throat, you can make sure that he is not sharing anything with anyone especially food and utensil.