Benefits Of Playing Treasure Hunt With Kids

Playing various indoor and outdoor games is essential to the healthy development of children as it helps them discover and explore the world around them. In Child care centers teachers organize this game for kids quite often as playing this enhances their self-confidence, problem-solving skills and they feel confident about testing new ideas and experience friendship, cooperation, and teamwork.

Before going into the benefits of playing treasure hunt, let us understand what is it.

What is the Treasure Hunt game?

A treasure hunt is a very popular and widely loved game that can be played either in groups or individually where kids compete to see who can gather all the items from a list. The first team or person to solve all the clues and collect the items on the list is declared the winner.

Benefits of Playing Treasure Hunt Game :

Playing this game offers many benefits to the healthy development of kids. Please read through the blog post to know the advantages of playing a treasure hunt game with kids.

Develops Patience : Treasure hunt is a quite time-consuming game and participants need to use their thinking skills to unravel the clues. They have to maintain patience while looking for the next clue. In the Sierra Madre, CA playschools, kids are instructed to take turns reading out the clues and solve them. So, they also learn to patiently wait for their turn.

Paying attention : This is one activity that compels kids to be absolutely focused. Following directions, navigating spaces, reading, and comprehending clues or maps or instructions teach kids many necessary life skills. As a result, their listening skills and concentration power both gets enhanced.

Team Work : Playing this game requires students to work in a team, solve puzzles together, spanning out to look for clues and find the treasure. It teaches them to interact with each other, understand what the other is saying and try to solve the clues together to win the game as a team. It trains them to communicate effectively, act responsibly in a team, and improve the very important requisite of social skills.

Exercise : If there is anything that our kids are missing the most is the opportunity to o out and explore nature. If you have a backyard garden or a park nearby, you can set this game there as well to help them have a good outdoor exercise session.

Seld-confidence : Caregivers of Child care centers suggest parents can play this game at home also to develop their children’s self-confidence. Rewards, discoveries, and prizes bring a sense of achievement and this boosts their self-confidence. Cracking mysteries, solving puzzles makes them more confident in taking up any challenges.

Creativity : Treasure hunt challenges kids to think and use their creativity to solve mysteries. If the game is well designed, kids will be compelled to think and use their knowledge and creativity to play well.

Besides all these advantages, playing scavenger hunt is an effective solution to help children get rid of screen addiction.