Why do parents' and teachers good relationship matters for kid’s growth?

Parents provide every child with their first learning experiences, like sitting, walking, speaking, eating, and a lot of other things. On the other hand, teachers give them academic learning. Now you can understand that both play a significant role in kids' lives. Now the question arises of how parents' and teachers' good relationships matter for a kid’s growth. In this post, we are going to discuss it.

Let's read them out carefully:

Proper two-way communication is necessary

For a child's better performance, you need to have good communication with their teacher. As per the research, it is noticed that the more parents and teachers know each other, the easier it is for them to help the child. You can communicate with them through emails, phone calls, PTM, etc.

Comfort in the learning environment

When you have a good relationship with your child’s teacher, it becomes easier for them to understand the kid's needs and preferences.

If a parent tells their child's educator about their favorite cuisine or color, the educator can plan learning activities for the child based on those preferences.

Similarly, if a child has had a poor experience and communicates this to the educator, the educator can assist the child work through it and understand any adverse reactions they may notice. For example, if a child has had a negative encounter with a dog, the educator can introduce canines to a learning setting carefully and cautiously, focusing on conveying good tales about them.

Empower kids to excel and teachers to better support

The interaction between a parent and their child's preschool teacher is also important. Children perform better in school when their parents and instructors form a strong bond and collaborate.

As a result, parents and teachers must communicate well and establish trust. Research has also demonstrated that when parents and teachers work together, children's views about school increase. They have fewer behavioral issues, higher social skills, and a greater capacity to adjust to different situations.

When children see their parents interacting and connecting successfully with teachers, it reinforces their trust in teachers. It reassures them that significant authority officials are cooperating and have a favorable relationship. It also makes children feel like school is a "home away from home" rather than a scary new setting.

Teachers learn about children's needs and home environments through regular interactions with parents. Because they are more informed, they can better care for your child by catering to their specific needs, personality, and learning style.


The research shows that when parents and teachers work together, the child's work habits, attitudes, and school grades improve. The Montessori San Marino, CA team suggests that you, as parents, if you want the better development of your child, you need to have a good relationship with your teacher. So try to attend their PTM parent's teacher meetings and be attentive to their school programs for a better response.