Reasons For Which Parents Must Send Their Children To Preschool

Sending your child off to a preschool is a bitter-sweet moment for every parent. Most parents suffer from a dilemma – a dilemma of sending their kids outside. They keep thinking about whether their kids really need a preschool, or this school is good enough for their children’s mental and physical growth, etc.

A preschool expert gives answers to all the questions. According to her, a preschool is a must destination for all children because it sets the foundation for learning, growth as well as emotional development that will benefit these children when they will go to the next level of education – kindergarten or elementary school.

A reputed child educationist in San Marino, CA tells that the quality and service of preschools may vary from one to another but the main objectives of all preschools are the same. The basic objectives are-

  • Ensuring smooth physical, mental and emotional development in children and acquisition of positive habits.
  • Preparing children for primary education
  • Creating a common environment of education and development for children coming from families belong to different environments.
  • Ensures that children can express his or her feeling correctly and fluently in their language.

A school caregiver in San Marino CA thinks that children gain a lot from going to a preschool because they become exposed to numbers, letters, and shapes there. Apart from this, the most important thing is that they develop social and emotional skills there and learn to get along with other children, to share and to contribute. It has been seen that children who have attended preschool do better performance in elementary school with richer vocabularies and stronger basic math skills than those who did not attend.

Child psychologists, as well as educationists, think that a child must attend a preschool because there he gets a chance to mix up with other children. Social skills like love, empathy, sharing, etc. grow successfully when he goes to school. In preschool, a child needs to express his feeling when he wants to interact with another child of the same age. So this urge drives him to acquire vocabulary and learn sentence construction. It has been seen that children who stay at home and grows among parents only acquire vocabulary slowly because he does not have the urge to learn new words.

In most of the preschool, like the one you have sent your child in San Marino, CA, children learn to solve problems, take part in creative activities, get various information from caregivers which they hold and manipulate in their brain. Various activities in preschool make them smart, confident, and self-dependent within a few days.

Healthy toddlers are innately curious and like to explore everything around them. Just like a sponge they soak all information from around and store it in their brain. At this crucial age, children can learn new concepts which will set a strong foundation for them in their next formative years. A good preschool keeps nourishing their children with adequate knowledge, and necessary tools that help children to shape their future. So, parents must enroll their children in a preschool as early as possible to make them prepared for kindergarten.