Impact of cartoon characters on kid’s Life

Remember your childhood? We all grew up watching the cartoons. The same goes for our kids; they also watch cartoons, and the important thing is that for this generation, watching cartoons is more accessible because they are available on different mediums. If we talk about the impact of cartoon characters on kids' lives, would you say it's good or bad? In this post, we are going to discuss it.

Let's read it out:

Positive impact
They expand their imagination

As per the experts, when kids watch cartoons, it helps their brains create critical connections on their own. It depends on lots of senses. Children's imaginative abilities are strengthened. We all know that imagination is a must if you want to grow in any field. So cartoons allow them from the beginning.

Helps Children Get an Early Start on Learning

Cartoons allow children to get an early start on learning. Cartoons have a favorable influence on youngsters, especially educational cartoons that teach shapes, numbers, and colors. These cartoons can teach youngsters basic concepts in a fun and participatory way, making learning a pleasurable experience. Children enjoy learning because of the moving, talking pictures and vibrant graphics.

Negative impact
Encourages Violence

Watching violent cartoons can lead children to become violent in real life. Furthermore, children may believe that no one is wounded or experiences pain since cartoon characters escape violence or an accident undamaged. Characters in Tom and Jerry, The Road Runner, and Oggy and the Cockroaches, for example, frequently hit each other or force each other to fall from great heights, often with no actual consequences.

Use of Foul Language

Cartoons have a highly unfavorable impact on children's conduct because of their capacity to inspire children to use foul language due to the explicit language they may contain. Kids get inspired by their favorite characters, try to be like them, and use the language of the cartoon character. As parents, it is your responsibility to not allow your kids to watch foul-language cartoons.


Now we can say that everything has two sides: one is good and the other is bad. This is our responsibility, and we should choose it wisely. As parents, it is your responsibility to focus on your kids' lives and give them free time. No matter whether you are working or not. Our preschool in Duarte, CA, is the place where you can send your child if you have a busy schedule. We have certified staff to focus on your kids.