How To Take Care Of Sick Child

It is a heart-wrenching situation for parents when they see that their children are sick. During this time the highest priority is to take care of that sick child. Parents do not feel relieved unless their child starts feeling better.

According to some pediatricians, due to low immunity, some children suffer from various common and petty diseases like cold and cough, fever or diarrhea, etc. These are not very serious types of disease but can turn serious unless prompt care is not taken. As these children grow old, the frequent suffering starts to decrease. A Montessori caregiver in Duarte, CA thinks that taking care of a chronically ill child is the most difficult task a parent can face. Beyond handling physical challenges and medical needs, you will have to deal with the child’s emotional needs and the impact that a prolonged illness can have on them.

Before starting to comfort a child, parents have to understand first what their child’s actual problem is. The most common problem from which children suffer is fever, runny nose, cold and cough, sore throat, vomiting, loose motion, fatigue, skin rashes, and different types of ache- earache, stomach ache, headache, body ache, and dental pain.

According to a visiting child physician in a Montessori in Durate, CA, rest and proper diet is the best medicine for most of the chronic diseases of childhood. Childcare experts request parents not to send their children to school unless they become hundred percent cured. Some parents are very over-enthusiastic and they forcefully send their children to school even when the children are sick because they think that kids will miss their lesson if they do not attend school. But, it is not the right decision.

Montessori experts time and again remind parents by saying that be sure that kids get adequate sleep not only when they are sick, but also even when they are in good health. Sleep for at least 10 hours helps to repair the damage that sickness has created in them and at the same time boost the immunity power of the child. Try getting them enough rest by reminding them that sleeping will help them feel better soon.

Children in comparison to adults get dehydrated soon especially when they suffer from illnesses like diarrhea, runny nose, vomiting, etc. Dehydration makes them fatigued, restless, and even sicker. It is necessary to keep them dehydrated all the time. To maintain the water balance level in the body make sure that they are drinking adequate fluid. Increase the intake of liquid diet – different types of fruit juices and soups. Soups and broths not only keep your child hydrated but also replenish them with nutrients. Soups will provide them nourishment and warmth at the same time.

Nowadays doctor tells parents to get their child bathe or sponged even when they have a mild fever because bathing and sponging helps to remove body heat. But be sure that you are wiping their body properly dry with the help of a towel.

Keep their room well ventilated and be sure that enough sunlight and air can enter the room. Give your child adequate company to boost them mentally.

Despite taking all these cares, if your child remains sick, do not hesitate to consult a physician.