How To Improve Child’s Dental Health

Healthy teeth are important to your child’s overall health. They help your child eat and talk. Strong oral care is needed as your children grow old. Montessori experts say that parents are confused about the ideal oral care of a child. Many parents have a tough time judging how much dental care their kids need. They want to give their child the best possible care, but, they sometimes do not know the best way to do so. Authority of a Montessori in San Marino, CA arranged for a workshop where a reputed dentist of the town has given some tips and guidelines on children’s dental care.

In Montessori parents often ask what the ideal time for starting good dental care is. The care for teeth should begin even before the baby’s first teeth appear. Teeth remain hidden inside the gum and you need to take care of the gum first. Take a soft wet washcloth and just rub the gum with that softly. It helps to save your child’s teeth from harmful bacteria.

Montessori caregivers say that some parents until the teeth of their children create a problem, do not take their child to the doctor’s chamber. But, it is necessary to visit a doctor as soon as the first teeth come out. A thorough check-up of their teeth setting is necessary because if any problem of teeth is detected, it can be treated early. Most of the time we cannot see the problem in our naked eyes, only doctors can notice it. As soon as the tooth comes out, doctors advise brushing the baby’s teeth with the help of a soft brush.

As your child grows old, and start going to preschool, various likes and dislikes starts to grow and then they start problem to brush their teeth properly though, at that moment, regular brushing is needed very much because kids at this time start to eat all types of food along with the milk. We all know that most toddlers like to eat only sweet food as their taste buds do not grow properly. Sweet food is the enemy of teeth because they aggravate bacterial infection on teeth. If the remaining sweet food is not cleared in time, they may create cavities.

Regular brushing of teeth twice daily is needed. To solve the brushing apathy, make dental habits fun, says a Montessori caregiver. Let children help choose their own toothbrushes. Take them to the grocery and allow them to pick their favorite color toothbrush and favorite flavored toothpaste. Parents should brush their teeth along with them at least once a day to motivate them. A caregiver of a preschool in San Marino, CA says that read books or show videos to your children that talk about dental hygiene. In most of the Montessori schools, they follow this method to teach children good tooth hygiene.

In a Montessori Method of teaching, the rewarding technique is considered one of the most successful methods. When kids follow tooth hygiene properly, reward to encourage them.