5 Effective Home Remedies For Vomiting In Children

Vomiting is quite a common problem in children. Normally, it is caused by a virus, motion sickness, or food poisoning. But if your child is vomiting frequently you would definitely worry. You might even think of giving him some medicines. If you have a toddler at home you must know that in most cases kids despise taking medicines. If your little one is not willing to take medicines, you can consider some age-old home remedies for vomiting.

Home Remedies for Vomiting in Children :

Here you can find some effective home remedies for vomiting in your children.

Increase his fluid intake : Kids may start vomiting if they are dehydrated and feel tired. It is imperative to increase their fluid intake to replenish the lost fluids in their bodies. Preschool teachers always encourage their students to sip the fluid slowly as drinking too much water or any other liquid would make them feel vomit even more.

Try ginger juice and honey : Ginger works well for nausea and vomiting. Grind a small piece of ginger, crush the juice out of the grated ginger and add a little honey to make it delicious. Keep on giving this mixture to your child twice or thrice a day.

Mint juice : Grind some fresh mint leaves and extract the juice. Mix mint juice and lemon juice well. You can also add a little honey to it to make it tasty. This is a very effective home remedy for vomiting in kids.

Rice water : Did you know that rice water helps in curing vomiting that results from gastritis? If possible, make your child drink white rice water and see the magic it does.

Cardamom seeds : In San Marino, CA City, many paediatricians also suggest parents giving their kids cardamom seeds with some sugar to stop their vomiting. Its calming effect on your child’s tummy would work wonderfully to prevent vomiting.

Cloves : Clove is something that must be available in your kitchen. If your child is a little older and is vomiting, give him one clove to chew on. In fact, you can try clove tea also.

Fennel seeds : Fennel seeds can help calm the digestive tract of kids. The antibacterial properties of the fennel seeds work wonders for nausea and vomiting in children. Boil a teaspoon of fennel seeds in water for about ten minutes, strain, and pour it in a bottle. Give it to your child when he goes to his Preschool. Drinking it 3-4 times a day would help prevent vomiting.

A mixture of onion and ginger juice : Onions are a rich source of natural antibiotics. You can effectively ward off your child’s vomiting bout with onion juice. Take onion and ginger juice in equal quantities in a container and blend well. Ask him to sip this juice numerous times a day.

Most of the time children’s vomiting bouts go with these home remedies, but if your child does not feel comfortable after applying these remedies, please consult a doctor.