Parenting Tips to Raise Your Children Healthy

Parenting is not an easy task and no parent is perfect. Kids share a unique bond with parents and they play a powerful role in the mental development of the kids. Raising kids is one of the toughest and fulfilling jobs in the world. Research in child development clearly shows that the seeds of empathy, caring and compassion are present from early life and children learn these entire qualities maximum from their parents. At home, after opening their eyes children first see their parents. Naturally, they will follow their parents from the very beginning. So, parents should think over their actions before they react. Here are some child-rearing tips that come from primary teachers of a school in Monrovia, CA.

Many parents focus attention only on grades and mark their children bring from their school. They keep their kids on a tight schedule of their education and extracurricular activities. But, a teacher of a kindergarten in Monrovia, CA thinks that parents often forget to give focus on the most important and essential thing – nurturing kids to become good persons. Success in the study and other activities are indeed needed for their career but being a good person is much more important so that children can stay happily in the society and loved by others. A Child care activist thinks that the parents must reap the seeds of kindness, generosity, and empathy in their kids for those who are less advantaged and need help. Here are a few child-rearing tips given below by some Montessori experts.

Being able to understand one’s feelings as well as the feelings of others is the key to success. To encourage empathy and sympathy in your children first you become sympathetic to them. Do not give them pressure regarding their studies and extracurricular activities. Try to understand their feelings and encourage them to express their feeling to you so that they think they you care about them. Encourage them to manage their emotions and work positively towards a solution when they come to a conflict with friends or siblings.

Teach them to offer volunteer service to neighbors and elderly people when needed. The act of kindness can shape your child’s character.

When your child does something good praise their accomplishments however small they may be. This will make them more confident, encouraged, and strong. This praise helps a lot to enhance the self-esteem, self-dignity, or self-confidence of a child. On the contrary, when you compare them with other children or belittle their achievement regularly, it affects their development. They grow as unhappy and unconfident people in the future and often lack self-esteem.

Caregivers of most of the child cares and primary schools are encouraging parents to spend quality time with parents. It is often difficult for parents and kids to get together for common free time and spent quality time. Just a little time management may help you in this matter. Wake up ten minutes before in the morning and have breakfast with children or walk for 10-15 minutes after dinner. Children like to have attention from their parents.